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F3 7.0
The absolute top of the class in the KOGA F3 series
DKK 14849
F3 5.0 S
Luxury and style for everyday use
DKK 11999
F3 2.0
The ultimate blend of sportiness and style
DKK 8999
F3 3.0
Sporty and at the same time practical
DKK 9999
Naked bike with individualistic frame design and a minimalistic look
DKK 9999
Venya 7.0
The ultimate in comfort with quality and class
DKK 13499
Venya 5.0
Light and comfortable version from the Venya-series
DKK 11999
Venya 3.0
The sporty, light weight version from the Venya-series
DKK 10499
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