F3 3.0

Sporty and at the same time practical
Prices DKK 9999
Frame sizes male model 50, 54, 57, 60, 63
Color combination Matt Dark Grey
Approx. 15.2 kg
  • Sporty super smooth-welded frame. The bike has a super clean look through the use of KOGA Crown Connect technology, in which the headlamp, mudguards, front fork and lighting cables are perfectly integrated. The cable for the rearlight is completely run internally through the front fork, the frame and the rear carrier.
  • KOGA lightweight aluminium fork.
  • The KOGA stem offers adjustable seating positions.
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F3 3.0
Sporty and practical at the same time. The F3 3.0 is feather light and thanks to the internal hub gear requires little maintenance . The all-rounder from the F3 series suited for daily use.


Highly durable and low-maintenance Shimano Nexus 8 speed hub gear Premium.
Reliable and powerful Magura hydraulic rim brakes.
Eccentric bottom bracket for easy tensioning of the chain.
AXA Blueline headlamp and Spanninga rearlight with day and parking light function to improve safety. The power is supplied by the hub dynamo so you will never have to worry about a depleted battery.
MY KOGA & I #03
MY KOGA & I #03

"Feels like an extension of myself."


If the weather is good I ride my bike to the club we're playing at. It’s an excellent warm up. Waking your body up before the game. I always feel good when I arrive. Relaxed, yet focused. I love my KOGA F3.


Read more on mykogaandi.com




Cable integration
F3: rear carrier
SoleMate pedal
Hub dynamo
Crown Connect
Eccentric bottom bracket
Split frame
Cable integration Cable integration

Beautiful and functional integration of the switch, brake lights and cables. As a result, the cables are better protected from the weather. Moreover, the bike is easier to keep clean and has an improved sleek appearance.

F3: rear carrier F3: rear carrier

The rear carrier of the KOGA F3 series is elegantly mounted by means of a hidden structure on the underside of the mudguard. The weight of the support and load is resting on the frame and not on the mounting bolts. The cable for the rear light is integrated into the rear carrier.

SoleMate pedal SoleMate pedal

KOGA's SoleMate pedal ensures that the ideal foot position is automatically adopted. The concave shape of the pedal encourages the pedalling with the ball of the foot rather than the instep. The pedalling is therefore made more efficient.

Hub dynamo Hub dynamo

A hub dynamo provides power to both the headlamp and rear lights. A sustainable and environmentally friendly solution with the additional resistance being negligible.

Crown Connect Crown Connect

KOGA Crown Connect technology, with the headlamp, mudguard,front fork and lighting cables perfectly integrated.


Eccentric bottom bracket Eccentric bottom bracket

The eccentric bottom bracket for easy tensioning of the belt or chain.


Split frame Split frame

A split frame is necessary for mounting a belt. For this reason, KOGA has developed a unique form-fitting connection. This ensures that the fit is not only tighter, but it also improves the power distribution.




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