Fully equipped robust touring bike
Prices DKK 12999
Color combination Nano Black/Silver
Approx. 16.9 kg
  • Lightweight aluminium 7005 frame with cable routing through the frame.
  • Luxurious and comfortable KOGA Feather Shock front fork suspension .
  • Suspension seatpost for added comfort.
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Robust touring bike with full specification, particularly suited to multi-day tours. The ideal travel companion featuring hydraulic rim brakes, KOGA Feathershock suspension fork, suspension seatpost and multi-position handlebars.


Assembled with highly reliable Shimano Deore components.
30 gears ensures that the right gear is always available.
Powerful and low maintenance Magura hydraulic rim brakes.
Perfectly integrated KOGA Rayo Senso IQ LED headlamp and B & M KOGA Luminance Linetec LED rear light, with standlight function to improve safety . The power is supplied by the hub dynamo so you never have to worry about a dead battery .
KOGA Multi Grip multi-position handlebars helps to prevent against sore arms, shoulders and neck.
Stylish KOGA Suomi Comfort chain guard protector with inner ring.


Rayo 2.0 technology
Smooth welding
Cable integration
Koga Feathershock
Ergonomic handle grips
Integrated carrier structure
Justera lightweight stem
Suomi semi-closed chain guard
SoleMate pedal
Luminance rear light
Rayo 2.0 technology Rayo 2.0 technology

The Koga Rayo 2.0 technology consists of a fully integrated headlamp, mudguard and front fork. The hidden cable is guided through the front fork to the hub dynamo and is extremely well protected. The optimal integration of components in the Rayo 2.0 contributes positively to the design of the bike as a whole, where the lack of unsightly cables and fastenings creates a visually elegant bike with improved performance.

Smooth welding Smooth welding

Where possible, the welds of KOGA frames are perfectly levelled (smooth welding) so that a completely smooth surface is produced. This not only enhances the visual appeal but additionally reduces the risk of corrosion around the welds; an area which is traditionally susceptible to the formation of rust.

Cable integration Cable integration

Beautiful and functional integration of the cables. As a result, the cables are better protected from the weather. Moreover, the bike is easier to keep clean and has an improved sleek appearance.

Koga Feathershock Koga Feathershock

The KOGA Feather Shock front fork suspension is a unique KOGA innovation specifically designed for avid touring cyclists. The Feather Shock is comfortable with a sporty look, but is also much lighter than a standard model suspension fork. This built-in suspension unit responds only when necessary. The fork provides additional comfort for wrists and shoulders without compromising the direct handling feel.

Ergonomic handle grips Ergonomic handle grips

Ergonomic handle grips for a pleasant grip and comfortable support for the hands.

Integrated carrier structure Integrated carrier structure

The carrier structure is mounted in the frame, so that the weight of the carrier and load rests on the frame rather than on the mounting bolts. Optimum functionality in combination with a clean design.

Justera lightweight stem Justera lightweight stem

The KOGA Justera is a lightweight stem which is easily height adjustable through means of a single bolt. The corresponding spacer replaces the traditional rings, with the stem elegantly integrated with the frame.

Suomi semi-closed chain guard Suomi semi-closed chain guard

The KOGA Suomi is a unique in its kind semi-closed chain guard. On its rear side the KOGA Suomi is almost completely closed, preventing water from being splashed onto the crank and chain. The chain is carefully concealed at the front by means of a chain edge protection which in addition also lends a clean look.

SoleMate pedal SoleMate pedal

KOGA's SoleMate pedal ensures that the ideal foot position is automatically adopted. The concave shape of the pedal encourages the pedalling with the ball of the foot rather than the instep. The pedalling is therefore made more efficient.

Luminance rear light Luminance rear light

The power for the rear light is provided by a hub dynamo. The lighting cable is routed through the frame making it better protected from the weather. Moreover, the bike is easier to keep clean and has an improved, leaner appearance.



Front fork sort
Suspension, monoshock
Front hub
Shimano DH-3N31 6V/3,0W

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