Stretch limo - riding fun for two!
Prices DKK 36749
Color combination Beige
Approx. 29.1 kg
  • Foldable frame for easy transport and storage, made ??from strong oversized aluminium 7005 tubes for extra stability.
  • Front and rear suspension for maximum comfort.
  • Assembled with SRAM X.9 high quality components.
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KOGA’s solution for those who want to ride together. On this ‘stretch limo’ it will be a real pleasure, whatever the conditions.

KOGA ambassadors


"For this epic adventure they needed the perfect touring bike. Reza and Steven decided to use the Koga Signature configurator to custom build their bikes."

Mark Beaumont
Mark Beaumont

In 2007/2008, Mark Beaumont broke the world record time for cycling around the world. He made the 18,296 miles (29,446 km) in 194 days and 17 hours, smashing the old record by 81 days.

Paul en Grace
Paul en Grace

"Travelling by bike is the best way to see countries, experience them and take photographs. Our KOGA's bring us silently to the most special photo locations ."

Kapp to Cape

From the North Cape to the South Cape


18,000 miles in 100 days, from the North Cape down to the South Cape that was the dream of the two British cycling adventurers Reza Pakravan and Steven Pawley. By making the journey in the shortest possible time they hoped to set a new world record and raise money for the Azafady charity to build two new schools in Madagascar.


The bike

For this epic adventure they needed the perfect touring bike. Reza and Steven decided to use the Koga Signature configurator to custom build their bikes. He chose a Traveller KS-TR 28 with rohloff and toothed belt drive.


During the trip, the bikes proved themselves under all circumstances, "Our KOGA Signature trekking bikes rode smoothly from the North to the South Cape." The two Britons had a lot to endure during their trip, with their adventures being recorded almost daily on their blog


Adventurer / Author / Presentor


Mark is a documentary maker for the BBC, a bestselling author and a popular speaker. He is an adventurer at heart. When Mark is not on expedition, he holds lectures and writes books, in the meantime he is preparing for a new project.

Early April Mark Beaumont will attack the official world record on the route Cairo - Cape Town to attack (10.609 km). The current record is 59 days. However, Mark's goal is to do it in 50 days representing more than 210 km a day!


The bike

Mark rode a Koga Signature Traveller 28 inch (KS-TR 28) assembled with Rohloff on his world tour.


On his new adventure (Cairo - Cape Town) Mark will use a modified version of the KOGA Solacio Disc

"Bicycling Around the World"

In search of inspiring cycle images


For years Paul & Grace made bike tours all around the world, but in 2010 they made the move to a new life : This time not as a holiday, but as a multi-cycling project called " Bicycling around the world in search of inspiring cycle images". With this, they take up the challenge to photograph and display an impression of different bike cultures around the world, their unexpected adventures, contact with other cultures and cycling through monumental landscapes.


The bikes

Paul and Grace both ride the Koga Signature WorldTraveller 26 inch (KS - TR 26) assembled with Shimano XT.


Paul:"We chose the Shimano XT configuration, because we can repair the bike ourselves wherever we are and we can buy many replacement parts locally on the spot. This has worked very well for us over the years"


Photos and stories can be found at Paul's blog.


30 gears ensures that the right gear is always available.
Powerful and low maintenance Magura hydraulic rim brakes with an extra disc for long descents.
Top quality Tubus luggage carrier and lowrider.
Optimal lighting is guaranteed with the state of the art SON hub dynamo.
Ergonomic multi-position handlebar provides the ideal position in all conditions and helps to prevent against soreness in the arms, shoulders or neck..
Shimano SPD click pedals, whereby the other side of the pedal is suitable for use with normal shoes.
MY KOGA & I #08
MY KOGA & I #08

"My son, my KOGA and me"


Last summer my son and I rode our bikes to Austria. He was ten years old at the time. He really wanted to come the year before. But I thought he was too young then. So I went by myself to scout ahead. Riding my KOGA WorldTraveller.






Atalanta multi- position handlebar
Tubus chrome- molybdenum carrier
Lowrider extra kick stand
Atalanta multi- position handlebar Atalanta multi- position handlebar

The KOGA Atalanta is a multi- position handlebar, due to its 63 cm width it offers plenty of space for the hands. Moreover, it can be adjusted for reach, offering the rider a choice between an upright or a leaned-forward riding position. Depending on the day’s itinerary, the distance to be covered and other environmental factors (long climbs, headwinds) you can position the handlebars to precisely match the required conditions. The Atalanta provides plenty of space for a large handlebar bag, as well as a cycle computer or navigation device.

Tubus chrome- molybdenum carrier Tubus chrome- molybdenum carrier

A luggage carrier from the Tubus brand is characterised by its high quality finish. The choice of material is also striking: instead of commonly used aluminium, Tubus carriers are manufactured from thin-walled tubing of the chrome- molybdenum alloy 25CrMo4. The carrier has a layer of plastic acting as a protective coating over its entire surface. The result is a strong, light and durable product. Ideal for the traveller that places great demands on their equipment.

Lowrider extra kick stand Lowrider extra kick stand

The lowrider is equipped with an extra kick stand so that the bicycle can remain standing when carrying a full load.



Front fork sort
Suspension, two-wheeled
Front hub
SON 28

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