General Privacy Statement KOGA for consumer data

KOGA processes the personal data of consumers. KOGA considers it important to be transparent about this. KOGA therefore provides general information about the use of consumer data in this general privacy statement. Where necessary, KOGA will provide more specific information when consumer data are obtained, such as when purchasing products, the use of apps and on other (brand) websites.


KOGA is part of Accell Group N.V. This privacy statement applies only to consumer data that are processed by KOGA. These are personal data concerning private individuals that were acquired by KOGA in connection with the offer and sale of the products and services of KOGA.
Within Accell Group N.V., Accell IT B.V. is charged with supporting all services in the area of IT. This means that Accell IT B.V. may be responsible for handling consumer data; this may be in addition to KOGA and sometimes instead of KOGA. Consumers may send an e-mail to or send a letter to Postbus 435 8440 AK Heerenveen Nederland
if they have questions in connection with the processing of their personal data.


Consumers largely purchase the products and services of KOGA via recognised dealers and other resellers. These dealers and resellers are not part of the KOGA, KOGA is not responsible for the handling of consumer data by recognised dealers and other resellers.Dealers and resellers provide consumer data to KOGA in connection with the sale of KOGA products under their own responsibility


How does KOGA obtain consumer data?

When purchasing a bicycle or another product, consumer data may be registered at KOGA by the dealer or by the consumer himself or herself. Some products, such as a connected bike, and the use of certain apps, also entail the processing of personal data. Data are also recorded when visiting a (brand) website of KOGA, such as the IP address, the data of the device used, and the items viewed. Contacting KOGA will also often lead to the processing of personal data. This includes matters such as a request for sending a brochure or submitting a guarantee claim.


What personal data are processed by KOGA?

KOGA processes data about the consumer himself or herself, such as the name, address, place of residence and contact details and details concerning the products that were purchased or in which there is an interest, such as the type of product and guarantee, the dealer where the product is purchased or is being maintained and the maintenance details.


What does the KOGA use the personal data for?

KOGA uses personal data for:

- Support and service to consumers and dealers, as well as the performance of the various agreements, being both those between the consumer and the dealer and those between KOGA and the dealer and to the extent applicable to the agreement between KOGA and the consumer;

- (Direct) Marketing, such as newsletters and the targeted display of advertisements and products on our own websites and on third-party websites. KOGA complies with the rules applicable to requesting consent and offering an opt-out possibility thereafter.

- performance of analysis for the purpose of improving products and services.


How long does KOGA retain personal data?

KOGA processes data for as long as necessary for the purpose for which the data are used. This may depend on deregistration by the consumer, such as for an account, newsletter or app. In principle, data are retained for no longer than two years, unless longer retention is necessary to be able to assess any complaints or claims or for the purpose of compliance with statutory or administrative obligations.      


How does KOGA secure consumer data?

Consumer data security is an important part of our business operations. Various security measures are implemented in order to guarantee this. This includes matters such as a strong password policy, screening internet data, encryption and authorisation procedures for the employees. Consumer data are stored in secure technical rooms. These are cooled computer rooms with emergency power facilities and a combination of electronic doors with badges, object security involving cameras, alarm systems and surveillance. The abovementioned measures are part of the many measures being implemented by Accell IT B.V. in order to protect the data of KOGA consumers. If you have any questions in this regard or you suspect abuse, you can send an e-mail to


Do you have questions about consumer data?

Consumers have the right to inspect their data and the right to request correction and deletion of their data. If you would like to exercise this right or if you have another question, please contact


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