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Can I carry on cycling if my e-bike has a flat battery?

If your battery is flat, there’s no problem with carrying on cycling. The only thing is, you won’t get any assistance from the motor, which makes pedalling a little harder. Other than that, it won’t do your e-bike any harm.


The type of motor you have will affect how heavy pedalling becomes. For example, a front-wheel motor has a freewheel, so cycling still feels very light even without assistance.

Where can I find more information about e-bikes?

KOGA has outlined all the basics on e-bikes online at about e-bikes. More information about the particular technology used or a specific e-bike can be found in the instruction manuals.

Where is my nearest KOGA dealer?

The quickest and easiest way to find your nearest KOGA dealer is on our website.

Can I order bicycle components, bicycle clothing, touch-up paint etc direct from the Koga factory?

In general you can only choose from the KOGA bikes as they are shown and described. Most components and colours cannot be custom ordered. However, KOGA Signature lets you configure your own bike. Ask your KOGA dealer about the modifications available after delivery of other bicycles in our collection.

What is the right tyre pressure?

This varies from tyre to tyre. Each type of tyre has its own maximum pressure. This has to do with the size of the tyre and its intended purpose. The maximum permitted pressure is shown on the wall of every tyre. You can buy a bicycle pump fitted with a pressure gauge from most bike shops. Keeping the tyres properly inflated will prevent unnecessary punctures and wear and tear, and make pedalling lighter.

Will my bike lights stay on even when the battery is flat?

Yes, your bike lights will stay on thanks to the battery’s reserve capacity.

How can I verify that a seller on internet is a KOGA dealer?

On our website you can find all authorised KOGA dealer shops. In the case of a webshop, we recommend checking whether it belongs to an official KOGA dealer.

How can I maintain my KOGA bike myself?

With regard to the maintenance and safety of your bike, there are a number of things you can keep an eye on yourself.


For your own safety, you should check the following on a regular basis:

  • Check all nuts and bolts - in particular quick-release mechanisms on wheels - are tightened securely.
  • Check the handlebars and handlebar stem for signs of damage.
  • Test the brake operation by checking whether you can stop within a few metres when cycling at a normal speed.
  • Check that the tyre pressure does not exceed the maximum pressure marked on the tyre.
  • Check the tyre tread and ask your dealer if the tyres look worn.
  • Check that the lighting and indicators are working properly and are not obstructed. Wipe clean them regularly with a dry cloth.
  • Check the handlebar grips for wear and make sure they are tight.
  • For bikes with rear suspension, check that all screws on the suspension parts are tight. There must be no play in the bearings.


Checking these items and performing your own maintenance on them is not always straightforward. For this reason KOGA recommends arranging for your KOGA dealer to service your bike at least once a year.


You can also consult the instruction manual that came with your bike.

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