Questions about e-bikes

How long can I cycle on a full battery?

There is no exact answer to this question. How long you can cycle on a full battery equals the range of an electric bike. The exact range depends on several (external) factors, including the type of electric system (motor and battery) and the construction and weight of the bike, but also on what kind of terrain you will cycle on and how much wind there is.

For each bike, we show the maximum range in eco mode. This range is an approximation and may vary.


What’s the best way to carry my e-bike on my car or caravan?

If possible, remove the battery pack and the display from your bike before transport. Special covers are available to protect Bosch motors. Battery covers are also available. For more information, please contact your KOGA dealer. It is also important to check your car’s maximum nose weight.

Is it necessary to carry out extra maintenance on an e-bike during winter?

In the winter it is wise to charge the battery pack at room temperature. This allows the battery to charge faster and the higher starting temperature will increase the bike’s range. Bear in mind that the display reacts more slowly when it is cold. There are also temperature limits and safety requirements for storing the battery. These can be found in the instruction manual.

When does an e-bike need calibrating and how is this done?

Only e-bikes that have a rear-wheel motor with ION technology occasionally need to be calibrated. If the rear wheel has been removed from the e-bike, e.g. to change a tyre, then calibration is necessary. Calibration can also remedy faults or reduced assistance. Although in most cases the dealer will calibrate it, you can also do it yourself. You can read how to do so in the instruction manual, which also recommends calibrating the bike yourself every month.

Can I register a second display my KOGA e-bike?

Yes, the KOGA dealer can register an additional display on your bike. This means you can put your partner’s display on your e-bike.

What is my e-bike’s range?

The capacity of the battery has a major influence on your e-bike’s range, but factors such as road surface, wind, and how much you and your luggage weigh also matter. It is therefore hard to say exactly what the range of a KOGA e-bike is. On our website you will find estimates for most models.

How can I increase the range?
  • Make sure your battery is always charged when you set off.
  • Set the assistance most as low as possible
  • Make sure your tyres are always inflated to the right pressure (as indicated on the side of the tyre)
  • Select a light gear. Change to a lower gear when cycling into the wind or cycling uphill, as you would with a bike without assistance.
  • Tip for winter! Charge the battery pack at room temperature as it will charge faster. The starting temperature will also be higher then, which improves the range. This will prevent the battery from self-discharging and other potential damage being caused to it.
Can I carry on cycling if my e-bike has a flat battery?

If your battery is flat, there’s no problem with carrying on cycling. The only thing is, you won’t get any assistance from the motor, which makes pedalling a little harder. Other than that, it won’t do your e-bike any harm.


The type of motor you have will affect how heavy pedalling becomes. For example, a front-wheel motor has a freewheel, so cycling still feels very light even without assistance.

Where can I find more information about e-bikes?

KOGA has outlined all the basics on e-bikes online at about e-bikes. More information about the particular technology used or a specific e-bike can be found in the instruction manuals.

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