How do I maintain the chain?

The chain must be cleaned regularly. There are several possible methods for this: for example with lukewarm water and a brush, or with a special chain cleaner. Ask your dealer about the various options. After cleaning, the chain absolutely must be lubricated. An often-used lubricant is Teflon, because it forms a very fine film which attracts minimal dirt.




Can I get Koga to repair my bike?

No, For all reparations and technical maintenance you can contact your Koga-dealer


How can I keep my bike in good conditions?

For your safety, check the following points before every ride: - Check all nuts and bolts. In particular check that the wheel quick-releases are well seated and if necessary tighten. - Check handlebar and stem for damage and replace if necessary. - Check brakes for proper function and if necessary adjust. - Check tyre pressure, and observe the maximum pressure ratings printed on the tyre wall. - Check the tyre tread. - Check lighting and safety equipment. - Check that the grips are securely fitted to the handlebars and check for wear. - On bikes with rear suspension, check all threaded fastenings on the suspended parts for tightness, and check for play in the pivots.


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