Questions about the display of an e-bike

What does the frost symbol on my e-bike’s display mean?

The frost symbol appears when the temperature drops below 4 degrees. It is a well-known property of all batteries that they are sensitive to low temperatures. This is due to the fact that the chemistry used is subject to the effects of temperature. As such you will find at temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, charging takes longer, less power is available and the bike’s range is shorter. Unlike the effect of age, however, temperature-related effects are temporary. Your battery’s performance will return to the former level as soon as the weather warms up again.

How come there is moisture in my display?

Moisture from the air may condense inside the display when the humidity is very high and the bike is subjected to a rapid change in temperature due to warm weather or sunshine. Although the display is splashproof, it is not airtight. These kinds of natural phenomena are virtually inevitable, but we still pay a lot of attention to watertightness. As soon as the weather improves and the humidity drops, any condensation will disappear of its own accord.

Do I need to do anything if there’s an error message on my display?

If an error message appears, the best thing to do is go to your KOGA dealer.

Can I order my display mount separately if it breaks?

The display and mounting bracket form an integral unit and cannot be ordered separately.

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