What should I do if my bike is stolen?

You must always make a report to the police. When you bought your cycle you will have received an ownership certificate, and these registration details are proof that you are the owner of the cycle, so keep them in a safe place.


How much pressure should there be in the tyres?

That depends on the tyre. Each type of tyre has its own maximum pressure rating, depending on the type of tyre and its intended purpose. The maximum pressure is given on the sidewall of every tyre. Bicycle pumps with pressure gauges are available at dealers. Well inflated tyres reduce the risk of punctures and reduce wear - and of course they make riding easier!


How long will the tyres last?

That depends on the rider and the riding style. Are the tyres kept well inflated or not? Do you carry luggage? The manufacturer cannot give a fixed distance rating as there are too many variables influencing wear. Keep an eye on the tyre tread and watch out for hairline cracks on the tyre side-wall – timely replacement will prevent failure.


Should the gears be changed when I change the chain?

Usually only the rear sprockets need changing. The chain wears down the rear sprockets. This can be the case after only 500km or so and is in part due to the chain pressure falling on only a few teeth. With the front chainrings there is usually a much larger diameter available, so the loads are shared out among many teeth, so the front chainrings do not wear out as quickly.


When is the chain worn out?

It's impossible to give a definite answer, because chain wear is influenced by a number of factors. Some people ride just 100 km on a chain, others make it last 7000 km – it depends amongst other things on your riding style, chain maintenance and on the environment (snow, sand, mountain terrain, contact with salt etc). Your dealer can determine whether your chain is worn out.


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