Can I order a bike in a different colour or with different components than are shown on the website?

In a single product year (which runs from September to August) Koga has a fixed colour (combination) per cycle, in various frame sizes. The cycles are delivered from the factory as shown on our website. Now, however, you can assemble your own Koga exactly as you require, using our new state-of-the-art Koga Signature online application. For further details please visit the Signature. website.


Is een lowrider standaard te verkrijgen en wat kost dit?

Yes, through the Selected Koga-dealer you can purchase a Lowrider bice stand. The costs of this product can be requested by your dealer, because Koga only has retail purchasing prices.



Can all front forks be equipped with a low rider carrier rack?

In theory any front fork can be equipped with a low rider carrier with the exception of carbon front forks. Most Koga front forks are fitted with special sockets onto which low riders can be fixed. Another option is the use of an adaptor kit. Your Selected Koga Dealer will have more information about this.

Can anyone ride on the same suspension setup?

At Koga every suspension system has an adjustment range, often according to the weight of the rider. This range will be clearly described in the accompanying documentation. When a particular suspension system is not adequate, there is often the possibility of substituting a softer or harder variant of the shock unit. But there is always a limit. For very light riders under 50 kg the damping effect does not work so well, and the same goes for people over 110 kg. Unfortunately at this time there is no solution available.


Does the frame geometry affect the handling?

Koga determines the ideal geometry for every cycle. By riding several machines for comparison purposes at a dealer, you will be able to tell the difference.


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