Questions about parts and accessories

Will a KOGA bike fit on my bike carrier?

For a proper answer to this question, please ask your KOGA dealer, who has a more detailed knowledge of bike carriers and can give you better advice about them.

Can I order bike components, cycle clothing, touch-up pens, etc. directly from KOGA?

Components, clothing and the like can only be ordered through your KOGA dealer.

How is the frame size measured?

The frame size on KOGA bikes is measured from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube. This distance in centimetres is the frame size. Your authorised KOGA dealer can calculate exactly which frame size fits you best.

Which tyre tread do I need on the road?

The less tread the tyre has, the less rolling resistance there is. What this means is that the more tread a tyre has, the heavier cycling becomes. If a tyre has a lot of rubber in contact with the road surface, it offers better grip on the road surface. In wet weather conditions, the tyre should displace water, which improves contact with the road. That’s why virtually all tyres have at least a light tread moulded into the rubber. In summary, although for most roads less tread is better, when conditions deteriorate, e.g. when it is raining or cold, a tyre with more tread can perform better.

What effect do hub dynamos have on the bike’s performance/rolling resistance?

A hub dynamo always produces rolling resistance when the bike is in motion. However the resistance is so minimal that you don’t notice it when cycling. At constant five kilometres per hour or more, the hub’s resistance will be virtually negligible. When the speed is high enough, the magnets will hardly attract each other at all. This results in the cancelling of any resistance. The main advantage of a hub dynamo is that it can work in conjunction with a light sensor so the lights are switched on automatically. This boosts safety while offering ease of use.

Does the frame geometry affect the handling?

KOGA chooses the optimum geometry for each type of bike. If you take a comparative test ride at the KOGA dealer, you will feel the difference.

Can anyone ride on the same suspension setup?

Every KOGA suspension system offers a certain range of adjustment. This is often related to the cyclist’s weight. The range is clearly indicated in the information that comes with the bike. If a certain suspension system doesn’t meet your needs, the option of fitting a heavier or lighter version of the suspension system is often available. There is always a limit though. For very light people weighing less than 50 kg, the effect of the suspension will not be very noticeable. For those weighing over around 110 kg, the suspension will not be optimally effective either. Unfortunately, there are currently no solutions available.

Can every front fork be fitted with a lowrider luggage carrier?

In principle, any front forks, except the ones made from carbon fibre, can be fitted with a lowrider. A number of KOGA front forks are fitted with special lugs to which a lowrider can be attached. Another option to use of an adapter set. For more specific information, please ask your authorised KOGA dealer.

Which bike bags fit on my KOGA?

For an answer to this question, please ask your KOGA dealer, who will be able give you the best advice.

Is there a lowrider bike stand available and how much does it cost?

Yes, a lowrider stand is available from all authorised KOGA dealers. As KOGA only uses recommended retail prices, your dealer will be able to tell you how much this item costs.

Which tyre sizes fit on which rims?

The rim diameter is shown on the rims: for example 622 = 28”, 559 = 26”. The tyre width will depend on the type of cycle and on which rims are fitted. Your dealer can advise you as to which tyre width is suited to your cycle and rims.


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