Questions about warranty

What should I do if I have a warranty claim?

You can file your warranty claim through your KOGA dealer. This is the only way a warranty claim can be handled.

What should I do if I have a warranty claim and I no longer live near the shop where I bought my bike?

In all cases, it is important to contact your own KOGA dealer first. He or she can advise you and, if necessary, put you in contact with a dealer in your area. Arrangements can then be made for the repair to be carried out and resolved directly with your local KOGA dealer. For further warranty information, please visit the specific page.

What if my dealer is no longer in business or if I have moved house and have a warranty claim?

If you have a warranty claim you can go to another KOGA dealer. They will handle the manufacturer’s warranty for you, but service/labour charges may apply.

What happens with the warranty if I order my bike online?

Only authorised KOGA dealers may sell KOGA bikes through a webshop. For this reason, this kind of dealer/webshop will be able to deal with work involving the manufacturer’s warranty.

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