Frequently asked questions

Where can I see the latest Koga models and take a test ride?

You can see our latest range on the website. If you would like to test-ride a particular model, then please look up your nearest local Full Range dealer on the website. There you’ll find all of our new models under one roof, from January to spring.

Can I take a test ride before buying a bike?

Most Koga-dealers offer test rides.


Do you also sell framesets?

Certain frames are available separately, but only for racing bikes and track bikes (see also 'collection'). Apart from that no frames are sold separately. It's part of Koga's philosophy to deliver complete bicycles, appropriately equipped, and assembled by a single technician.


What should I look out for when I buy a bicycle?

Work out beforehand how you will use it (e.g. daily, or just for relaxation). Contact your nearest Koga-dealer for a consultation. Determine the correct frame size.Co nsider useful accessories (such as mudguards, for example). Compare the four different types of frame material. Take out good insurance.

Can I order a bike in a different colour or with different components than are shown on the website?

In a single product year (which runs from September to August) Koga has a fixed colour (combination) per cycle, in various frame sizes. The cycles are delivered from the factory as shown on our website. Now, however, you can assemble your own Koga exactly as you require, using our new state-of-the-art Koga Signature online application. For further details please visit the Signature. website.


Where can I buy Koga clothing?

Simply search the dealers for ‘Casual Wear Koga dealers’.


Is it possible to purchase a Lowrider bice stand and how much does it cost?

Yes, through the Selected Koga-dealer you can purchase a Lowrider bice stand. The costs of this product can be requested by your dealer, because Koga only has retail purchasing prices.



I would like to buy a bike over the internet – what should I keep in mind?

It can occur that new Koga cycles are for sale on the internet from sellers who are not registered as official Koga-dealers (so they are not a 'Selected Koga Dealer'). Often these cycles are offered at a special discount. But when, after the sale, you need to call upon their service or guarantee capabilities, it is usually very difficult to return the cycle to the company which supplied your Koga. If instead you decide to make your purchase through your locally-based Selected Koga Dealer or Full Range Dealer, then these procedures are very well organised. So we would advise you to always buy your Koga at an official Koga Selected and/or Full Range Dealer, and you are then guaranteed swift and expert technical service and maintenance.


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