Questions about purchase

Where is my nearest KOGA dealer?

The quickest and easiest way to find your nearest KOGA dealer is on our website.

Where can I see the latest KOGA e-bikes?

On this website you can see the complete KOGA collection broken down into the following categories: e-bikes, city bikes, trekking bikes and racing bikes. If you want to test and have a closer look at these bikes, you can go to the Dutch KOGA test centre, De Fietser in Ede, where you can try out a wide se-lection of our collection. You can also go to your local KOGA dealer for a test ride, provided that the model of your choice is available.

Which dealer has my favourite KOGA model in stock?

KOGA does not monitor dealer stocks. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to contact your local KOGA dealer to check availability.

How can I verify that a seller on internet is a KOGA dealer?

On our website you can find all authorised KOGA dealer shops. In the case of a webshop, we recommend checking whether it belongs to an official KOGA dealer.

Do I have a warranty on a KOGA bike I order online?

Only authorised dealers are allowed to sell KOGA bikes on their webshop. This way, the manufacturer’s warranty will also be valid on online orders.

Can I order bikes or components directly from KOGA?

KOGA only sells through authorised dealers, and as such it is not possible to place orders directly with us.

What is my frame size?

To be certain of buying the right frame size, it is best to get advice from an authorised KOGA dealer.

Is my bike suitable for a child seat?

A lot of bikes are suitable for a child seat, and KOGA recommends fitting them to the frame or handlebar stem. For reasons of safety, the mounting of a child’s seat on an aluminium carrier or handlebars is not recommended. For personal advice and correct fitting, please ask your KOGA dealer or child seat manufacturer.

Can I personalise a KOGA bike by ordering it in, say, a custom colour?

In general you can only choose from the KOGA bikes as they are shown and described. Most components and colours cannot be custom ordered. However, KOGA Signature lets you configure your own bike. Ask your KOGA dealer about the modifications available after delivery of other bicycles in our collection.

How come certain models are sold for different prices at different KOGA dealers?

KOGA sets the recommended retail prices, but as independent businesses, individual dealers set their own sales prices. Price differences are often due to the kind of service offered by individual dealers; for example, personal advice, future services and bike fitting.

What is the delivery time on a KOGA bike?

The delivery time on a KOGA bicycle depends on the model you want, the frame size and colour. Ask your KOGA dealer what the current delivery time is for the particular bike you’re interested in.

Why has the delivery of my KOGA bike been delayed?

KOGA’s production planning sometimes has to be altered unexpectedly. This might be due to issues such as a late component delivery or a technical malfunction. In turn, the delivery of your KOGA bike could be delayed.

Does the KOGA collection include tandems?

No, our collection does not include tandems.

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