What do I need to do when I have a guarantee issue and I am in a different place then my Koga dealer?

First, you must always contact your Koga dealer, who will assist you further. If necessary, he or she will direct you to another Koga dealer who may be closer to your current location, after consulting with Koga if appropriate. The repairs will then be carried out and the whole thing will be dealt with directly by/via this dealer. If there is no Koga dealer nearby, then you will be asked to go to another dealer who is not a Koga dealer, and to have the repair carried out there. For warranty cases, Koga will, for the first two years after purchase of the bike, pay for the labour costs and, if required, for any necessary parts.

With regard to the warranty terms and conditions which apply for you, please refer to the User Handbook (Booklet), which was supplied with the bike.

You will also find an overview of the applicable warranty periods in the document below.

Who should I contact if I have questions or complaints?

Your Koga -dealer is your contact point whenever you have any problems with your bicycle, as he or she is technically trained. Should he or she not be able to solve your problem, he or she will contact our Guarantee Department so that we can seek a solution.


When a sollution cannot be reached between you and your dealer, you can send us a message through our question/complaint form on our contactpage.


Make sure you have your fram number and purchasing date at hand. 

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