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KOGA Track cycling

The 2024 Olympics

Road to Paris
Road to Paris

Can't wait for the Paris Olympics to start? Then you are not alone! We don't want to wait and will follow the preparations of upcoming Dutch talents Elmar Abma and Steffie van der Peet.


Watch the athletes' workouts with us monthly and make sure you don't miss the preparations and Olympics!

The KOGA Kinsei track bike has already proven itself several times. During the last Olympic Games in Tokyo, 6 medals were won, including 3 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal.


And the hunt for international success is not over yet! The goal: gold at the Olympic Games in Paris!

The indoor track bike

The KOGA Kinsei
The KOGA Kinsei

The KOGA Kinsei track bike has been developed in recent years. KOGA has designed this ultimate track bike together with the KNWU (Dutch cycling sports association), university TU Delft, Actiflow and Pontis Engineering. The result is a track bike that is even more aerodynamic, even stiffer and even faster than its predecessor. How do we get the name?


We would like to thank Patrick De Roo for that. With an anagram of the name; Anton Geesink, who won gold at the Games in Tokyo in '64, he managed to make the name KINSEI. Freely translated it means: Made for gold.


At the beginning of 2023 we presented the updated version of the now so successful Kinsei. The KNWU asked us whether we could make the track bike even faster. In doing so, KOGA has concentrated on the front fork and the cockpit. With the improvements, the fork has become 7% more aerodynamic, the new handlebar is 23% faster.


Because the rider accounts for the greater part of the air resistance, the total speed gain is 1.2%. That amounts to about 15 watts at 70 km/h. If you let a sprinter ride a virtual lap against himself with the Kinsei from Tokyo and the bike that we will be using in Paris, you would get 1.5 meters ahead per lap with the latter bike. This is a huge improvement in track cycling.


View the KOGA Kinsei >

We make every bike better

From track bike to all our KOGA bikes
From track bike to all our KOGA bikes

Through the testing and development of the track bike and our collaboration with professional cyclists, we are able to perfect all our bikes down to the last detail. Track cycling is our Formula 1. Everything we learn on the track, we apply as much as possible in every bike we make. This is reflected in a low weight, perfect driving characteristics and a high-quality finish.

The Kinsei brings professional track cyclists to the top of the world and the other bikes bring you the ultimate experience and performance. It must be continuously developed in order to perform better, because standing still means going backwards. The insights we gain are reflected in all our KOGA bicycles. We are always looking for perfection and continue to develop our bikes with high-end parts. You can expect that from KOGA!

The new road bike

Kinsei Road
Kinsei Road

The Kinsei track bike, on which Dutch track cyclists have already won so many medals, has been the inspiration for our road racing bikes. We have combined all the knowledge about aerodynamics that we have gained in developing the track bike with almost 50 years of experience in making the best racing bikes.

The result is a completely new aero racer. On the track, every detail is a huge difference in speed. From now on, these techniques will also make a difference on the road. It is one of the first racing bikes to use the new UCI regulations. These Kinsei Road racing bikes will be available soon. Would you like to know more? Read more about the KOGA Kinsei Road here >

KOGA & professional cyclists

De Nederlandse baanwielrenners
De Nederlandse baanwielrenners

Day in, day out, the Dutch track cyclists train for one goal: gold at (world) championships and the Olympic Games. As a bicycle supplier, KOGA has been a partner of the KNWU for more than 20 years and many great successes have been achieved in all those years.

Time and time again, the track cyclists get the most out of themselves and their KOGA Kinsei track bike. The team consists of sprinters and endurance riders. We are of course proud that all these toppers achieve their successes on the Kinsei. 


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Crafted to perform
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