Bosch BES3
The Smart System
A completely new e-bike experience
Bosch eBike Smart System 3 (BES3)

Bosch eBike Smart System 3 (BES3)

The latest e-bike drive system from Bosch

In 2022, the Bosch Smart System was introduced. This is sometimes called BES3, an abbreviation for Bosch eBike Smart System 3. This system will completely change your cycling experience. Compared to previous Bosch systems, it introduces a complete package of new developments for e-bikes:


  • The Performance Line CX motor
  • (Optional) A 750 Wh battery and 4 Ah charger
  • Kiox 300 display
  • SmartphoneGrip
  • Smartphone connectivity with the eBike Flow app
  • LED remote control
  • ConnectModule
  • ABS
  • eShift

As the above suggests, this provides a lot of a whole new cycling experience. Among other things, the motor and battery are more powerful and equipped with smart functions, the display is finer to operate and via the connectivity you have with your smartphone you have even more control and insight into the operation of your e-bike. With the exception of the ConnectModule (available later), these novelties have been applied to the KOGA Evia, KOGA PACE B10 and B05 and KOGA E-Worldtraveller e-bikes. Read more about the Bosch BES3 below.

The smart engine

The smart engine

The Performance Line CX motor


This new Bosch Performance Line CX mid-motor is very powerful, with 85 Nm of torque. This makes it stronger than its predecessors, but that's not all.

This motor is fully connected to its surroundings. With eBike Flow app you can read usage, fine-tune your riding mode and activate eBike Lock, but it is also connected to your bike's components. 


Want to know more about the Bosch Performance Line CX motor? Then read more on the Bosch website here >

Cycle further than ever before

Cycle further than ever before

The 750 Wh battery


The KOGA e-bikes with BES3 feature a powertube battery integrated into the frame tube. On the Evia, the battery can be removed from the top, while on the PACE and E-Worldtraveller it can be removed from the side. The safety function prevents the battery from falling out of the frame. Besides the 750 Wh battery, you also have the choice of the 625 Wh battery on certain models.


The double battery


Soon, it will also be possible to connect an additional battery via the DualBattery function. You can then double your range. The PACE and E-Worldtraveller models are prepared for this. When Bosch starts offering this option, so will we.


Want to know more about Bosch batteries? Then read more on the Bosch website here >

A complete overview with the

A complete overview with the

KIOX 300 display


The KIOX 300 display connects to the eBike Flow app on your phone and to the Led remote control. You can personalise the display to your needs by setting the content of the screens yourself. Besides ride data, you can also read fitness data, navigate, lock the e-bike and activate smart walking support. Wondering if you can brake and shift more effectively? Here too, the smart display can give you advice.

These are some of the functions of the KIOX 300 display in combination with e-bikes with the Bosch Smart System.


Would you like to know more about the Bosch KIOX 300 display? Then read more on the Bosch website here >

Easy to operate via the

Easy to operate via the

LED remote


The above display is connected to the Bosch LED remote. This is the control element for the display and sits against the left handlebar, giving you ergonomic operation and control over your handlebars. The display is equipped with LED lighting that makes reading easy to see even during the day. A handy feature is the Hill Hold that prevents the e-bike from unintentionally rolling back on stairs or inclines without using the brake.


Want to know more about the Bosch LED remote? Then read more on the Bosch website here >

Connected with the

Connected with the

eBike Flow-app


The entire Bosch Smart system, which includes all Bosch components, can be controlled via this app. In the app, you can personalise, expand and keep the system up-to-date. For example, you can simply download new functions and then install them on the e-bike via Bluetooth.


Want to know more about the Bosch eBike Flow app? Then read more on the Bosch website here >

Your smartphone as a display with the

Your smartphone as a display with the



The KIOX 300 display is connected via a magnetic connection. Additionally, you can purchase the SmartphoneGrip and replace your KIOX 300 display with it. Clip your smartphone into the sturdy holder and open the e-Bike Flow app and your phone is the display. Because the screen of your smartphone is larger than the KIOX 300 display, you can navigate with a clearer map, for example. Via Bluetooth, the LED remote still forms the controls. You can position the holder on the handlebar wherever you want and as soon as your smartphone is paired, it is automatically charged by the SmartphoneGrip. Very handy of course!


Want to know more about the Bosch SmartphoneGrip? Then read more on the Bosch website here >

Extra security with the

Extra security with the



Optionally, you can further secure your KOGA PACE or E-Worldtraveller e-bike by purchasing the ConnectModule. This enables you to activate the premium service eBike Alarm in combination with an additional Flow+ subscription. This protection goes into effect when you switch off the e-bike. As soon as it detects theft, it goes into effect. You will receive notifications on your smartphone. It also includes a tracker function so you can track the location of your e-bike.


Want to know more about the Bosch ConnectModule? Then read more on the Bosch website here >

The KOGA e-bikes with the Bosch Smart System

We are constantly renewing our KOGA collection. As a result, you can already find several electric bikes in our collection with the Bosch BES3 system. You can see the overview below.



The KOGA Evia are comfortable touring bikes. You can choose between automatic and stepless shifting.

  • KOGA Evia Pro Automatic
  • KOGA Evia Pro Off Black
  • KOGA Evia Pro Ivory


The KOGA PACE are sporty e-bikes with a choice of suspension or fixed front fork and belt or chain drive.

  • KOGA PACE B10 Suspension
  • KOGA PACE B05 Suspension

KOGA E-Worldtraveller

The KOGA E-Worldtraveller are robust trekking bikes with which you can cycle unprecedentedly long distances. Here too, you can choose between a suspension or fixed front fork.

  • KOGA E-Worldtraveller
  • KOGA E-Worldtraveller Suspension
  • KOGA E-Worldtraveller Signature
  • KOGA E-Worldtraveller Signature Suspension


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