The Shimano e-bike drive
The perfect weight distribution
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Electric bicycle with Shimano mid-engine

The perfect balance is the most important

A Shimano motor is the perfect choice for a lightweight e-bike. Thanks to this powerful Shimano mid-engine, these electric bicycles are ideal for the sporty rider and you can also take the bicycle on holiday carefree, to cycle in the hills. The battery is integrated in the frame under the seat. With this we have created the most natural balance and weight distribution. You feel this while cycling. Go experience it!

Why an electric bicycle with Shimano mid-engine?

The mid-engine
The mid-engine

If you're looking for an electric bike that effortlessly covers long distances, but is also perfect for everyday cycling, then an e-bike with a Shimano mid-drive motor is the perfect bike for you. Because the motor is placed so low on the bike, it ensures a lot of maneuverability and that the road holding of your bike is excellent. Also because the motor and battery are both located in the middle of the e-bike, this ensures the perfect balance and a lower weight.

The Shimano EP6 motor


Because this engine is so compact. Is it the perfect motor for an e-bike on the road, but certainly also off the road. You can use this engine ideally for long distances on the roads, you can also make wonderful off-road routes with an e-bike that has this engine. It has 55 Nm or 85 Nm of pedal assistance up to 25 km/h. Where most electric bicycles have extra resistance when you go faster than 25 km/h, the electric bicycle with the Shimano EP6 motor will switch to a natural pedaling feeling, so that you no longer even realize that you are cycling on an e-bike.

The Shimano battery and range

You choose how much power you need
You choose how much power you need

The battery can be located in different positions on the bicycle, this can differ per bicycle model. In our e-bikes with electric drive from Shimano, the accuu is located in the middle of the bicycle under the saddle.

This bike also has a tiltable saddle, so that changing the battery is easy.


We already equip our Shimano e-bikes with a battery with a lot of power: 500Wh, but if you want even more power you can opt for a battery with a 630Wh capacity. Very easy if you want to cycle a little further without having to charge.

However, the range also depends on factors such as the selected support mode, riding conditions, outside temperature, engine efficiency, tire pressure, rider weight/load and gear use.

The removable battery can also be integrated in the front part of the bicycle frame. Because the battery is there, it is almost impossible to see that it is an e-bike. This ensures a sleek look.


The battery position can also be on the back of this bike. This is then semi-integrated in the luggage carrier. Our electric bicycles whose battery is located on the down tube or in the luggage carrier use the Bosch drive.

The Shimano Steps display


The Shimano SC-EN610 Steps display contains all the features that a modern electric bicycle needs. The color screen is easy to read and through 4 different formats you can quickly see all the desired data.


Also save your data on your phone. This way you have a good insight into your cycling activities. The display can be linked to the E-Tube Project app.

The display consists of two parts, namely the readable display and a small switching computer with which you switch the acce on/off and switch the display position.

The KOGA e-bikes with Shimano motor

Elektrische fiets Shimano middenmotor Display Vermogen
Vectro S30 Shimano EP600, 55Nm SC-EN610 500 or 630Wh
Vectro S20 Shimano EP600, 85Nm SC-EN610 500 or 630Wh
Vectro S10 Shimano EP600, 85Nm SC-EN610 500 or 630Wh


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