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An E-bike is an electric bike with pedal assistance. The support is only switched on when you put the power on the pedals. E-bikes are available for young and old and for various purposes. There are electric bikes for touring, electric bikes for daily use and electric bikes for commuting. With an e-bike, you keep moving without much effort.
Take a look at the KOGA Vectro, E-Nova and PACE series below. Want to read more about these bikes? Then continue reading at the bottom of the page

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New Vectro S30
This E-bike gives you the ultimate easy cycling experience
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Battery incorporated into the seat post
  • High-grade belt drive
DKK 33999
New Vectro S20
The sportiest model in the Vectro series
  • Sporty riding position
  • Battery incorporated into the seat post
  • High-grade derailleur gears
DKK 31499
New Vectro S10
The ultimate touring bike. You’ll hardly notice you are riding an E-bike.
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Battery incorporated into the seat post
  • High-grade derailleur gears
DKK 29999
E-Nova Evo PT Automatic
Elegant, powerful, and low-maintenance
  • Bosch mid-engine
  • Automatically shifts for you
  • Comfortable riding position
DKK 38999
E-Nova Evo PT Pro
This E-bike is both comfortable and sporty
  • Bosch mid-engine
  • Stepless gear shifting Enviolo trekking
  • Comfortable riding position
DKK 36899
E-Nova Evo PT Unlimited
An elegant E-bike with continuously variable gear switching.
  • Bosch mid-engine
  • Stepless gear shifting with city hub
  • Comfortable riding position
DKK 36999
E-Nova Evo PT
Our beautifully finished, all-round touring bike
  • Bosch mid-engine
  • 8 gears
  • Comfortable riding position
DKK 34799
E-Nova Evo
An elegant E-bike for optimal performance
  • Battery integrated in the luggage rack
  • Belt drive
  • Comfortable riding position
DKK 28199
At 45 km/h, you can ride in style with perfect integration and uncompromising power
  • Option of extra battery and double range
  • High-quality belt drive
  • Powerful Bosch Speed mid-engine
DKK 42999
New PACE B10
A contemporary E-bike for the daily commute
  • Connectivity with Bosch Smart System
  • Low-maintenance belt drive
  • 750Wh battery and Bosch mid-engine
DKK 45499
Make a statement with technology, power and perfect integration.
  • Option of extra battery and double range
  • Low-maintenance belt drive
  • Powerful Bosch mid-engine
DKK 38999
New PACE B05
The sportiest model in the PACE series
  • Connectivity with Bosch Smart System
  • 750Wh battery and Bosch mid-engine
  • Luxury Shimano Deore XT power train
DKK 41499
PACE B05 Ltd.
An E-bike at the cutting edge of power and elegance.
  • Semi-integrated battery
  • Powerful Bosch mid-engine
  • Luxury Shimano Deore XT power train
DKK 32799
New E-Worldtraveller
The legendary trekking bike but now with electric assist
  • 85Nm Bosch mid motor with 750Wh
  • Can be loaded to 180 kg
  • Extra wide tires
DKK 40999


KOGA has an e-bike for everyone. Whether you use it for short rides or go out on weekends or holidays. Or maybe you are still doubting whether that second car is really necessary... A KOGA e-bike is the answer to your question.


When you choose a KOGA, you choose top quality and outstanding workmanship. A lightweight e-bike equipped with high-quality and durable components will provide a unique riding experience like you have never experienced before.

KOGA e-bikes feature the latest Bosch or Shimano technology. These systems only work with a mid-motor. This mid-motor ensures a super-stable ride and ideal weight distribution so you always have a pleasant ride and feel confident in your e-bike.

Electric bike for men and women (low step)

When choosing an electric bike, a lot of questions come to mind, such as which frame type do I want? The comfortable pedelecs are mainly available in a women's frame. The sporty electric bikes are available in both men's and women's sport frames.


The women's models have a low step-up, making it easier to get on and off the bike. 

The mixed frame model is a combination of the men's and women's frame. Getting on this bike is easy and looks sporty. The comfortable electric bikes have a low frame to reach the ground and get on with ease. The sportier pedelecs have a high or mixed frame for a sportier riding position.


Comfortable electric bike

For those who go for ultimate e-bike comfort and confidence, there is the KOGA E-Nova range. The KOGA E-Nova is the comfortable e-bike in our collection. The E-Nova guarantees ultimate enjoyment of your cycling adventures with the latest technology.

The bikes are so comfortable because of the seat post suspension, front fork suspension and extra wide tyres (55 mm). The seating position is also quite comfortable.


The E-Nova EVO PT automatic shifts automatically for you, giving you even more comfort and eliminating the need to shift gears yourself. The E-Nova EVO PT Pro and Unlimited feature stepless shifting, so you'll always have the right gear for you. 

Sporty electric bike

For those who want to hit the road with a sporty electric bike, there is the KOGA Pace. The KOGA Pace has a sporty seating position and appearance. The Pace B20 and Pace B10 (introduction year 2021) even have the option to expand with an extra battery and double the range to cover more kilometres on your ride.


This electric bike is perfect for the sporty person, who rides their bike to work but also for daily use. The sporty character ensures that you manoeuvre easily in the city too.


You can read more about KOGA PACE sporty e-bikes here >


If you want to learn more about speed pedelecs. Please continue reading here >

Lightweight electric bike

KOGA's lightweight e-bikes feature quality and durable components that provide a unique riding experience like you have never experienced before.
The middle motor and integrated battery are always placed in the middle of the bike in KOGA's new models. These techniques and features ensure ideal weight distribution, making the bikes lightweight bikes.
The high-quality components are low in weight, making the electric bike a lightweight from KOGA. With a lightweight electric bike, you enjoy the convenience, comfort and manoeuvrability of a normal bike to the full.


Our new Vectro e-bikes are the perfect integration of motor and battery in an e-bike. Both positioned in the centre of the bike and combined with a slim frame, it results in one of the most lightweight e-bikes available in the market.

Electric bike

For a new electric bike, KOGA is the place to be. KOGA electric bikes are developed with perfection in every detail by an experienced team of engineers and designers. Our electric bikes have switchable pedal assistance from Bosch and Shimano with superior technology and comfort to get you from A to B effortlessly.


E-bikes benefits

Are you unsure between a regular bike and an electric bike? KOGA has listed the advantages of an electric for you so you can make the right choice:

  • You cycle feather light, even with headwinds or uphill riding
  • Large range for lots of cycling fun
  • You cycle faster
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Cheap to operate compared to a moped or car
  • No exhaust emissions


Why a KOGA electric bicycle?

A KOGA electric bike is technically superior with special attention to design. The bikes are developed and assembled with high-quality components. Intelligent technology from Bosch and Shimano ensures that your electric bike is reliable, safe and quiet.


At KOGA, you have a choice of different electric bikes with unique specifications and features. Do you want a sporty electric bike? Or rather a comfortable all-rounder with perfect handling? Check out KOGA's latest collection and choose your favourite electric bike. Would you like advice from us on buying a KOGA bicycle? We will help you there to buy your favourite electric bike. 



The KOGA E-Nova e-bikes and the PACE models with the letter 'B' are equipped with the reliable Bosch system. A powerful mid-engine gives you the power you need and with no less than 4 support positions you choose how much force you put on the pedals. The KOGA e-bikes are equipped with different types of displays on which you can read all ride data. Moreover, you decide how far your e-bike ride will be, because with a choice of battery you can place up to 1125Wh of battery power on the e-bike!


Want to know more about these techniques? Read more about Bosch here >


Shimano's technology is incorporated into your e-bike for a sporty look with a lightweight and compact Shimano mid-drive motor. Thanks to the powerful motor, you can also take your e-bike with you on holiday to cycle in the mountains without any worries. The PACE models with the letter 'S' are equipped with a Shimano motor.


Want to know more about these techniques? Read more about Shimano here >

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