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A trekking bike from KOGA ensures optimum adventure. That is why real bicycle adventurers choose a KOGA bike. Not for nothing that KOGA trekking bikes are used to travel the world. The distinctive top quality of these models is reflected in the design, comfort and various prices. Want to personalise your trekking bike? Then opt for the Signature variant. This can be recognised by the "-S" behind the model name.
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For those who prefer to discover the world by bike.
  • Tried & tested for years by Alee Denham
  • Can be packed up to 120 kg
  • Equipped with high-quality components
DKK 20499
With KOGA Signature you create your own bike
Starting from € 3130
Extra power for the sporty traveller
  • Bosch mid-engine with 500Wh battery
  • Can be packed up to 120 kg
  • Equipped with high-quality components
DKK 33299
Configure your own bike with KOGA Signature
Starting from € 4750

Holiday bike

Do you want to go on holiday on a light bike that can carry a lot of luggage? Then choose the KOGA WorldTraveller. The bike did not get this name for nothing, because you will find the bike anywhere in the world. The bike has many attachment points, allowing you to carry everything you need on your trip. Planning to go on holiday with this bike? Then check out Alee Denham's tips and stories.

Rohloff or Shimano Deore XT?

With KOGA Signature, you have the option to choose the groupset yourself. You can choose between the Rohloff drive belt and Shimano Deore XT T8000. With the Rohloff drive belt, instead of a front and rear derailleur, you have a 14-speed gear hub. In addition, the drive belt is more maintenance-friendly than the Shimano Deore XT T8000.
On the other hand, the Shimano Deore XT is lighter in weight than the Rohloff drivetrain. Both gearing systems are proven for competitive cycling because of their reliability and handling. This also makes them hugely suitable for a trekking bike.

Electric trekking bicycle

Looking for an electric trekking bike to discover the world with? For trekking enthusiasts, KOGA also has an electric version of the WorldTraveller, the E-WorldTraveller. With this electric trekking bike, you can easily cycle longer distances thanks to the electric support. The E-Worldtraveller is equipped with Bosch motor and Shimano Deore XT gear shift group.

Trekking bikes for men & women

The trekking bike, of course, comes in men's and women's versions. The men's frame is as we know most men's bikes with a high frame. The ladies' frame has a unique look due to the low sporty entry frame. The WorldTraveller ladies' top tube runs at an angle instead of horizontally. This guarantees balance, even when going off-road.


Both the men's and women's models have a powerful frame. The convenience of a ladies' sports model is that you can easily and quickly reach the ground with your feet. For many people, this gives a nice feeling when you set off with a lot of luggage.

KOGA Signature - Design your ideal bike yourself

With KOGA Signature, you put together your own bike based on your wants and needs. You choose the frame and parts yourself, and you can even personalise it with your name or a text.


Choose your own direction

You can choose between two types of bikes within the Signature range: Trekking or Touring. Which choice is best for you depends on what you will use your bike for.


One mechanic

Your bike is hand-built by one certified mechanic at our factory in Heerenveen. One person builds one bike so he can devote care and attention to his product and guarantee quality and durability.


Fast delivery

After your order, your bike will be ready at your dealer within 4 to 6 weeks.


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